Coinmeca Community Update — July 2021

Hello Mecanians,

First and foremost, we, Coinmeca, are deeply impressed with persistent support our community has shown and we’d like to take this opportunity as an appreciative moment to thank you all — as we repeatedly mentioned that our community is the most valuable asset of our platform, we are internally discussing with our team to frame the incentive mechanism for supporters and are devising tier-structures within the community to better serve Mecanians with seamless interaction. That being said, we will regularly provide updates that carry the relevance to growth of Coinmeca; In fact, we have received such notable feedbacks and suggestions from all users who sent us inquiries, and we took considerable time reading & reviewing all of inputs that were given to not only facilitate the relation with our users but also to come up with proper strategy to enrich our ecosystem as a whole.

Although there was bit of inefficient management of community due to high influx of users within Coinmeca community in such short time span, but we have put in much efforts and ethics hearing the needs and requests from community due to such moment of consideration, we are better than ever equipped with proper resources to speed up the operation and execution. One again, we are deeply touched by collective support that our community has shown and thus we have gathered right tools to update you guys with the reward plan for our community users. So, here it goes.

Initial Discord Offering

Historically, most of initial financing of cryptocurrency project was done via private placement from VCs or other institutional investors. Although it is the most typical process to secure the funding and to bring in aligned strategic initiatives to shed the light on early-stage projects, we have spotted something completely abnormal yet effective.

Frankly speaking with you all, we haven’t expected much growth of our community in such rapid phase given we haven’t spent much time or resources in community-building at inception since we were primarily focused with product development and securing technical supports. However, without much notice, we have seen growing number of supporters coming into our community giving us valuable feedbacks and warm wishes for our success.

That being said, in three days our community has grown from 0 to 1200 in first week since we launched our discord — it was truly amazing how each member of our community has devoted their time and resources coming up with strategic plan and guidance to take care of community as if it’s their own. Many has reached out voluntarily offering helping hands curating community servers and many talented creatives have showcased their artistic talents.

Such momentum gave us whole new concept — IDO. No, not “initial dex offering”. Yes, we call it “initial discord offering”. Each channel at Discord has been truly effective in a sense that we envisioned it to be the potential set-up for DAO “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. As each unit of channel serves pivotal arms and legs for our ecosystem, we thought that it is time to give back to community by allocating all of those supporters the equal chance to not only contribute in ecosystem but also to fund the project. We have felt as if it is not the ethical practice to forego the users who have shown significant supports. We plan to include them all in reward plan.

In this article and for next one, we will publish some of details about what we have mind mind structuring the tiers of the community and come up with tentative figures to be incentivized for users for particular tier. From airdrop reward plan and purchase guide (with figures for each tier) to fundraising roadmap, we will announce in proper manner so no one gets behind. As we believe in fairness when it comes to ethos of vibrant DAO, we will always listen carefully to voices of our community and we will provision it with minimal yet most efficient manner to safeguard our Mecanians.

Roles that we have set up are as follows:


Accelerator acts as the most powerful sovereign lord of community. This position is set aside for large KOLs and influencers whom are leaders of their own community that provide tremendous support for Coinmeca on behalf of community building, marketing (AMAs, Featuring, Press, and etc) and strategic initiatives for the success of project.


Ambassador essentially serve as communal representative of Coinmeca. Small-to-medium sized KOLs/influencers and other value-add partners in field (including yet not limited) such as researcher, technician, strategist, and community leader are ideal candidates.


Artist is for candidates who demonstrate valuable artistic demonstration for our community (Gif, Sticker, Memes, Video, Painting, and NFTs and so on..). Their primary purpose is to bring in vibrancy within Coinmeca platform with creative works they curate.


Operators are set aside for community members who take in charge of management scale. From curating the channel and moderating community to filtering out spams and unethical behaviors, operator is essentially the managerial powerhouse for our community.


Helper is for dedicated community member who supports operator when operating the community. From welcoming new member to providing sets of rules and guidelines for Mecanians, helper assists users with proper service.

In the coming article, we will share with you all the tiers in Coinmeca ecosystem and the R&R (Role&Rule) that are expected for each with tentative figure regards to fundraising plan and the cap assigned to each.

With much appreciation,

Coinmeca Team

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